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Jet World Masters


Entry Fees

  • Pilot 400€
  • Team Manager 250€
  • Helper 140€
  • Supporter 75€

Supporters under the age of 12 free of charge

*Team Manager who is also pilot will pay only the Pilots fee

After the team managers have returned their registration forms, we will send each team manager an invoice with the exact amount to be payed. All payments of entry fees must be made as one single transfer per team.

Last day to register is April 30, 2017. If needed, organization accept registration latest May 31, 2017 but there will an extra charge, 50€ each for each person. 

Please fill in all these registration forms.

  • Team Manager
  • Pilots & Helpers & Models (web forms named Pilot 1, Pilot 2, Pilot 3 etc.)
  • Supporters
  • Team Members summary


If Team Manager wants to change a pilot(s) & helper(s) on his team after May 31 it is possible latest August 10, 2017 with this form with extra charge 50€ each for each person.

Complete all forms of all team members (team manager, pilots, helpers and supporters) and models. Entry fee is for competition only. Fuel and other expenses are not included. Prices for other activities such as Nations Night and the Closing Banquet or the separate tourist excursions and activities will be advised prior to the event by bulletin and / or via the official website. Paying of these activities will be done separately during the arrival/check-in process at the JWM event location. Payments shall be done in Euros, credits cards are accepted.

All communications with the organizers must be done by the team managers. Information collected on the registration form will be used by the organizers solely for the purposes of the controlling the event. Your personal data records are confidential. Names, countries and model aircraft photos will be used for the publications, event brochure and announcer commentary.

You can fill the registration forms on the website or print the forms and send them to us no later than April 30 (or with extra fee May 31) 2017 to:

JFI Airshow Oy

Valtakatu 6



Web registration forms

  • Team Manager
  • Pilot 1
  • Pilot 2
  • Pilot 3
  • Pilot 4
  • Pilot 5
  • Pilot 6
  • Pilot 7
  • Pilot 8
  • Supporters
  • Team Members summary
  • Change pilot

Printable registration forms (.pdf)

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Jussi Kangas

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Skyhigh (kopio)

Jämilogo (kopio)      Jämijärvi vaakuna (kopio 1) (kopio)

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