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Jet World Masters

For display pilots

Do you want be a Hero?

We are looking for courageous and talented Jet Pilots show them skills at the Jet World Masters 2017 opening airshow. 

JWM esite - 036 (kopio)This jet powered ESLA Cityspark took part in the airshow at Jämi Airfield 2013. It's max speed was 228 km/h with 70 kg´s of thrust. 0-200km/h 7,2 seconds. It crashed in winter 2015 on icy conditions. Pilot's error. She survived. Photo © Taneli Äikäs

Please note: Theme in this Airshow is "Jet Power". We don't accept any other aircrafts, only jets. If You or Your company are interested in take part for this show any kind of jets (1:1 or r/c-jets or other jet powered vehicles) please fill the form below.

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