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Jet World Masters

Box transport

To all competitors

Send your models to address (The contest site)

Taneli Äikäs / JWM 2017

Jämintie 659




They should arrive at latest August 5, 2017


Do not pack your Li-Po batteries in the model boxes, many air companies do not accept Li-Pos as cargo. Check from the company you are flying with to get precise instructions. Normally it is possible to carry Li-Pos as hand luggage with Li-Po - Safety bag.

Competitors coming outside EU

We recommended using ATA Carnet document, which you can get from the Chambers of Commerce of your country. Second option is to make a temporary clearance when coming Finland. You need to fill in custom's form 613s.

If you send your boxes as cargo, you must do a normal temporary clearance (code 53xx + security payment)

More information available from the Finnish Customs

Tel +358 2 95 5201


It can take up to five days for the Customs to answer an email, so be in good time. 

Read these documents

Information about Temporary import 
Information about sport events


  • Each pilot (Team) should determine and arrange for the most suitable air cargo shipment company to transport their model crate from the home country to Finland and back.
  • If you select a freight carrier such as DHL they will transport the boxes door-to-door.
  • If you choose a passenger airline then consider transporting the model boxes with the same flight as pilot/team/supporters are using. In tother case there can be problems due the airline security. 
  • All airlines at the Helsinki Airport will charge a handling fee/terminal fee for processing the import / export.
  • The boxes should be scheduled for delivery by your own transportation forwarder to be at Jämi Airfield no later than August 5, 2017
  • The return of the boxes to their origins will be exactly the reverse of the original shipment. All return shipping fees must be done at the time of your original shipping arrangements at your home country.
  • A return address label for your model box must be provided by each pilot at the conclusion of the JWM and affixed to the model box by the pilot
  • Shipments by any other means or car/camper/truck must be handled directly by the model owner or pilot
  • Each pilot (Team) should investigate with their own country any advance registration required of the model to ensure there are no import or export issues.The pilot should ensure the model is easily received in his home country on return shipment and not be subjected to a duty or tax.

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