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There's a possiblity to join as a member to the Fouga Magister club. There are two flying Fouga Magister in Finland and they conduct support membership flights. The club's are planning an opportunity to have both Fougas in the same place during the JWM 2017. The membership for 2017 costs 50€. If there are more than 20 memberships joining, both Fougas will fly.

Fouga flights are available for accepted club members only and they are ex-military experimental aircrafts. The flights are non commercial. 

Flights cost list for members during Jet World Masters 9th - 20th August 2017

  • Single flight (15-20min), including aerobatics 950€
  • Formation flight (15-20min), 2 ships, including aerobatics 1100€
  • Formation flight to Jämi and back (35-40min), 2 ships, including aerobatics 1750€
Support membership is mandatory for flights and persons are required to pay the membership fee one month in advance and flight fee at least two weeks before flight. 

Weather is always a factor so if planned flight cannot be flown in agreed date, it will be postponed. If flight is cannot be flown at all 2017 you may choose to have it 2018 or cancel it. If flight is cancelled the flight cost is returned.

Weather minimas: cloud base >2000ft, vis >8km

JWM esite - 159 (kopio)    JWM esite - 158 (kopio 1)

These two photos © Mikko Maliniemi 

If you are interested in to join as a member to the Fouga Magister club / club's, please take a contact to:

Name:  Ari Tolonen



More activities will be published soon on this website

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